Each year, USCIPP hosts a meeting for its members to share best practices and learn about the latest trends in international healthcare, including marketing, business development, global collaborations, telehealth, cultural competency, clinical topics in international patient care, and more. Members find the annual meeting to be an invaluable addition to their event calendars. The 2019 USCIPP annual meeting will take place 12–14 June at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. Please check back soon for the most up-to-date working agenda.

In the meantime, click here to view the 2018 annual meeting program and agenda. Click here to view photos from the 2018 annual meeting.

2019 USCIPP Annual Meeting Sponsors

2018 USCIPP Annual Meeting Sponsors

Sponsors include entities that provide services, sell products, or provide consultation related to USCIPP’s mission of expanding global access to high-quality US healthcare. Sponsoring organizations agree to support USCIPP’s work through the provision of annual dues.


2019 Sponsorship Levels, Benefits, and Guidelines

Organizations may sponsor both the annual meeting and ChooseUSHealth, just the annual meeting, or just ChooseUSHealth. USCIPP encourages organizations seeking to show their support of USCIPP’s mission to consider both annual meeting and ChooseUSHealth sponsorship. Both the 2018 USCIPP annual meeting and 2018 ChooseUSHealth sponsorship packages are outlined below. Please contact Jarrett Fowler at uscipp@nchl.org if your organization is interested in learning more.

Note that USCIPP sponsoring organizations may not participate in the internal governance of USCIPP or NCHL and must comply with the USCIPP Sponsoring Organization Code of Conduct. USCIPP annual meeting sponsorship does not provide any preferred vendor status. For USCIPP annual meeting sponsorship, USCIPP reserves the right to grant sponsorship to multiple vendors who provide similar services or products. While ChooseUSHealth sponsorship does not provide any preferred vendor status, USCIPP will only allow a maximum of three (3) ChooseUSHealth sponsors to attend any individual trade mission, and USCIPP explicitly prohibits multiple vendors that provide similar services or products from supporting and attending any single international trade event.

Additionally, USCIPP sponsoring organizations are prohibited from using USCIPP or any USCIPP member’s name or logos in any printed material or individual or oral presentation to the press/media without prior written approval from the USCIPP Membership & Partnership Subcommittee. USCIPP’s sponsoring organizations are held to the same ethical standards as our organizational members and may be required to provide evidence that they operate in fully compliance with all applicable US, local, and international laws; rules; and regulations at all times.

2019 USCIPP Annual Meeting Sponsorship

Each year, applications for USCIPP sponsoring organizations are vetted and approved by the USCIPP Membership & Partnership Subcommittee prior to USCIPP’s annual meeting. A new sponsorship agreement must be signed each year in order to sponsor USCIPP’s annual meeting. Prospective USCIPP sponsoring organizations must be recommended by at least one USCIPP member in order to be considered by the Membership & Partnership Subcommittee.