Membership and Organizational Affiliate Requirements

Organizational Affiliate
The organizational affiliate category is primarily intended for professional associations, academic societies, or other non-provider organizations with a stated mission aligned with USCIPP’s mission of expanding global access to US expertise in high-quality healthcare. This category is not open to hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, or related entities, and determinations of eligibility are ultimately made at the discretion of USCIPP’s Advisory Council. USCIPP will offer a modified benchmarking survey that captures international revenue and healthcare services export information. Organizational affiliates will receive formally developed business intelligence research reports/deliverables on the same schedule as Premium members.

Introductory Member
This membership category is primarily intended for organizations that are either joining USCIPP for the first time or are rejoining after a membership lapse. Completion of the annual benchmarking survey will be recommended (but not required if the member’s international program is too nascent to provide usable data). Introductory members will receive the benchmarking reports only if they complete the survey. Introductory members will also receive any formally developed business intelligence research reports/deliverables within 12 months after they are released to Premium members. Once an Introductory member has completed their first year of membership and have completed at least one round of benchmarking surveys, they will be eligible to renew either at the Standard or Premium level.

Standard Member
This membership category is intended for organizations that have been a part of USCIPP for at least one year. Annual completion of the benchmarking survey is a requirement for this level of membership, and Standard members will receive all benchmarking reports. Standard members will also receive any formally developed business intelligence research reports/deliverables within 12 months of their release to Premium members. Support for custom staff work (e.g., customized analytic reports) is available to Standard members on a fee-for-service basis. If a Standard member does not complete the benchmarking survey during a given year, they will need to renew at the Introductory level until they have begun completing benchmarking surveys again. Organizations are eligible for Standard membership once they have completed an annual survey data submission for the prior year.

Premium Member
Premium membership replaces the previous structure in which some of our members also supported a separate Sponsored Projects Fund (SPF). Premium membership is particularly useful for more established programs, including those that may have an international focus that extends beyond the direct provision of care to patients traveling to the US. An important goal of the Premium membership category is to support a broader portfolio of member-supported project activity. This is made possible by dedicated staff support in the form of a business intelligence analysts who support projects planned on an annual basis as well as a portfolio of shorter-cycle work focused on emerging member interests and needs.