Member Resources

USCIPP member portal

The following information/resources can be found on the USCIPP member portal. If your organization is an organizational (hospital) member of USCIPP, and you do not currently have access to the USCIPP member portal or listserv, please click here.

Available exclusively to Premium members: 

• ArcGIS online maps that geospatially visualize and document all known international healthcare collaborations as well as healthcare organizations accredited by several major international accrediting bodies
• Competitor country marketing materials library
• In-depth (long-form) country analyses and executive summary (short-form) market overviews; USCIPP currently has long-form reports for Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, India, Kuwait, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE
• Other Premium member research reports archive
• Premium Market Insight Newsletter archive

Available to Premium, Standard, and Introductory members: 

• Past annual meeting session slides and recordings
• USCIPP annual benchmarking survey FAQs and resources
• International services job descriptions archive
• Historical listserv questions archive
• USCIPP member contact information directory
• Post-embargo USCIPP research reports
• Past webinar slides and recordings
• International Patient Experience Initiative © resources (for participating members)
• International Telemedicine and RSO Due Diligence Initiative reports

Qlik Sense data dashboard environment

USCIPP uses the Qlik Sense business intelligence and data analytics environment for the self-service dashboards it has created. These dashboards may be accessed by clicking here. Your browser may prompt you to enter a domain when logging in. In this case, use the following format for domain and username: NCHL-REPORTING\username. The following applications are currently available to members.

• Benchmarking dashboard – there are five apps that contain benchmarking data, all of which can be found in the USCIPP Benchmarking stream in Qlik Sense; these include International Program Overview & Operations, Telemedicine & Remote Second Opinions, Revenue, Volume, and Non-Patient Data (collaborations, observerships, joint ventures, etc.)
• Premium market insights dashboard – the intention of this dashboard is to replace the long-form market analysis work that USCIPP does; much of the data that would be included in a long-form market analysis are now available for almost every country in the world (only visible to Premium members)
• International Patient Experience Initiative © dashboard (for participating members)

If your organization is a Premium member of USCIPP, but you do not currently have access to the Qlik Sense data dashboard environment, please click here.

USCIPP Careers

USCIPP members may use this page as a tool to list employment opportunities at their organizations, and individuals seeking careers in international healthcare can use it to get connected to opportunities at our member institutions. Please click here to see available opportunities and submit open positions at your organization.