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In 2016, USCIPP members identified the development of standardized metrics to measure international patient experience and satisfaction that can be benchmarked across organizations as a high-priority need for association. USCIPP partnered with Rush University’s Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Value (CAHV) to develop the survey instrument, methodology, administration platform, and database necessary to launch this initiative with the generous support of Flywire. In April 2019, USCIPP formally launched the second year of the initiative with additional support from Sodexo Healthcare. The 19 participating USCIPP member organizations have since collectively surveyed over 1,000 international patients.

The benefits members gain through the initiative are operational insights through collecting feedback from international patients and families, data that can be analyzed longitudinally within their organizations, results that can be benchmarked against other organizations, peer discussions via monthly committee meetings, and methodologies specifically designed for international patients.

Cost and Scope of Project

The International Patient Experience Initiative © participation fee is $3,000 annually per USCIPP member. A Qlik Sense license will be necessary for participants to have access to the project’s patient experience data dashboard. This environment allows for members to generate customized reports—including cross-organizational benchmarking analyses of survey results—as well as integration with USCIPP’s annual benchmarking survey data.

Participating organizations will send the survey to their respective international patients who meet the criteria of eligibility. The administration protocol calls for three attempts to collect a response from the patient once the patient has completed medical care at the respective organization. Data are uploaded monthly into a custom-built dashboard that allows USCIPP members to run customized reports based on filterable criteria. A screenshot of part of the USCIPP International Patient Experience Initiative © Data Dashboard is below. Note that the app in the following image contains dummy international patient survey data and is for demonstrative purposes only. 

The survey is administered in REDCap, a HIPAA-compliant software that organizations maintain on their own networks. Members will be required to purchase a Qlik Sense license if they have not already purchased or requested one as a Premium member. The purchase of the Qlik Sense license will be required for the first year only and is a one-time fee.

In order to participate, USCIPP members must agree to:

• Secure institutional access to REDCap, as REDCap will be required to conduct patient satisfaction surveys through members’ own institutional REDCap accounts
• Commit a primary representative from their organization to participate in the International Patient Experience Committee, including monthly calls and ongoing related activities
• Maintain accurate records and administer the survey according to the guidelines and protocols set forth by the International Patient Experience Committee
• Send an de-identified, individual-level results data to USCIPP on a monthly basis
• Acquire a license to Qlik Sense through USCIPP to have access to the dashboard if one has not already been requested
• Support the International Patient Experience Initiative with timely payment of the project participation fee, which is due to USCIPP/NCHL within 30 days of receipt of the invoice

USCIPP’s role:

• Advise on design and collection of survey data
• Program REDCap in four languages in addition to English (Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese)
• Program individual members’ REDCap data dictionaries with a customized cover letter
• Quality test REDCap to ensure functionality
• Provide ongoing support to members with REDCap, survey administration, and methodology, as needed
• Research, test, and sort out alternative methodologies to survey patients using REDCap according to practices and general hospital requirements regarding the use of communication apps to survey patients
• Organize monthly conference calls for committee members
• Arrange for an outside service to translate the questionnaire into Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese
• Hire a project intern to support the initiative
• Collect, inspect, clean, and compile data (not to include any protected health information) from USCIPP members for use in Qlik Sense
• Upload data on a monthly basis to the Qlik Sense dashboard
• Provide an annual year-in-review report in conjunction with USCIPP’s annual meeting

Use of Data and Confidentiality

Participants in the USCIPP International Patient Experience Initiative © engage in the sharing of materials, best practices, and data across peer organizations. Participants mutually agree to hold entirely confidential the data or information received by them in connection with participation in the USCIPP International Patient Experience Initiative ©. If requested, USCIPP/NCHL agrees to execute and be bound by a business associate agreement.

Data collected through the USCIPP International Patient Experience Initiative © will be stored on a secure drive at Rush University and the Qlik Sense data dashboard platform (data protection statement available here). Raw data are only available to internal USCIPP/NCHL and CAHV staff. USCIPP agrees that:

(i) it will keep and maintain all member information in strict confidence, using such degree of care as is appropriate to avoid unauthorized access, use, or disclosure;
(ii) it will not report individual member information and that only aggregated information will be reported without members’ prior written consent;
(iii) it will not directly or indirectly disclose member information to any person other than its authorized employees/authorized persons (including any subcontractors, agents, outsourcers, or auditors) without express written consent from the member.

All USCIPP/NCHL and CAHV staff who will have access to the patient experience data will sign a legal confidentiality agreement, a copy of which will be provided upon request.

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