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US Cooperative for International Patient Programs (USCIPP)
1700 W. Van Buren St.,
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Chicago, IL 60612
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Our Team

Jarrett Fowler, MPPASenior Manager, USCIPP

Jarrett Fowler is USCIPP’s senior manager. In this role, he oversees an organizational membership association of American academic medical centers, hospitals, and health systems that work together to advance global access to US expertise in high-quality healthcare. Mr. Fowler is the principal liaison between USCIPP and several key stakeholders, including the team of academic investigators responsible for pursuing USCIPP’s benchmarking and research agendas, governmental agencies in the US and abroad, current and prospective sponsors and strategic partners, and international entities across a diverse set of interrelated sectors. He manages USCIPP’s close partnership with the US Department of Commerce and is responsible for directing ChooseUSHealth – a federally sponsored, collaborative initiative between USCIPP, its members, and the International Trade Administration. Mr. Fowler holds a Master of Public Policy and Administration from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Arts in international studies from the University of Chicago.


Alia IbrahimProgram Analyst, USCIPP

Alia Ibrahim is USCIPP’s program analyst. In this role, Ms. Ibrahim works closely with USCIPP’s senior manager, events coordinator, executive director, and researchers to support a variety of member needs. She oversees a number of key initiatives, including USCIPP’s clinical quality form; an interorganizational, on-site educational exchange; and a collaborative initiative to develop a common set of experience-of-care metrics that allow for cross-organizational comparisons and the identification of evidence-driven best practices specifically tailored to international patient care. Importantly, Ms. Ibrahim coordinates across numerous stakeholder groups – including the US Department of Commerce, domestic and international governmental bodies, sponsoring organizations, and other global partners – to support USCIPP’s international trade activities and ChooseUSHealth global marketing and communications initiatives. She will complete a Master of Arts in interdisciplinary studies from DePaul University in spring 2018 and holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Callie LambertBusiness Analyst, USCIPP

Callie Lambert is USCIPP’s business analyst. In this role, she oversees an array of business intelligence and global market research activities for USCIPP’s Premium members. She works closely with stakeholders across numerous organizations, including investigators from Rush and other academic research centers; officials from the International Trade Administration of the United States Department of Commerce; and experts in the fields of international healthcare, economics, public policy, and information technology. Additionally, Ms. Lambert plays an integral role in supporting the ongoing data benchmarking and analytics initiatives that USCIPP conducts on behalf of its member institutions. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science and anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis.


Andrew Garman, PsyD, MSExecutive Director, USCIPP

Andrew Garman is USCIPP’s executive director. In this role, Dr. Garman manages USCIPP’s relationships with the nonprofit National Center for Healthcare Leadership and its component programs. In his faculty role with Rush University, he contributes to an ongoing program of research in support of USCIPP’s mission and helps raise awareness of its work through publications and presentations. He holds a clinical Doctor of Psychology from the College of William & Mary, a Master of Science in industrial/organizational psychology from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Pennsylvania State.


Tricia Johnson, PhDResearch Director, USCIPP

Tricia Johnson is USCIPP’s research director and professor & associate chair of education and research in the Department of Health Systems Management at Rush University in Chicago. She is also the director of Rush University’s Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Value. Dr. Johnson is a 2009 Fulbright Scholar in Austria and has worked with faculty at the Institute for Social Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She was one of the key leaders involved in the founding of USCIPP in 2010 as collaboration between Rush University and the University Health System Consortium (UHC). Dr. Johnson holds a PhD in economics from Arizona State University, a Master of Arts in hospital and health administration from the University of Iowa, and a Bachelor of Arts in economics and business administration from Coe College.


Nilu Faiz-AliEvent Coordinator, USCIPP

Nilu Faiz-Ali is USCIPP’s event coordinator and also serves as a project specialist USCIPP’s parent organization, the National Center for Healthcare Leadership (NCHL). In her role with USCIPP, Ms. Faiz-Ali works closely with both the association’s member institutions and USCIPP’s staff to provide project management and logistical support for USCIPP’s annual member meeting. Additionally, Ms. Faiz-Ali oversees the organization’s database management platform and member-facing portal for both USCIPP and other programs of NCHL. She holds a Bachelor of Science in anthropology and minors in international studies, Islamic world studies, and Arabic language and culture from Loyola University Chicago.