Business Intelligence and Market Analysis


USCIPP’s business intelligence (BI) offering evolved from the initiative formerly known as the Sponsored Projects Fund (SPF), a set of activities first established in 2014 with the support of 15 USCIPP members. SPF was initially designed to act as a vehicle for interested members to sponsor an expanded portfolio of in-depth research, such as an evaluation of remote second opinion and telemedicine services and a comparison study of job descriptions and compensation for international program positions. Over time, USCIPP members identified the need for an alternate model that could more flexibly support requests for information and analysis throughout the year.

Beginning in January 2017, SPF was fully replaced by a new structure, USCIPP Premium membership. USCIPP entered 2017 with one-third of the membership at the Premium level, and this number has since continued to grow. Currently, two-thirds of the organizations in USCIPP are Premium members.

USCIPP is uniquely positioned to combine its annual benchmarking data with up-to-date economic, healthcare, and political information to provide comprehensive analyses on a range of topics. The portfolio and direction of USCIPP’s BI work constantly evolve as Premium members strategically look to the future and make critical decisions for their programs. Premium members have expressed that USCIPP’s BI work products have been used to inform specific business plans and international marketing, staffing, and business development decisions.

In-depth Country Reports

To date, USCIPP has released long-form market reports for Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, India, Kuwait, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. The market reports provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of each country’s economic, political, and healthcare environment through the lens of opportunities for international healthcare collaborations and outbound medical travel.

Monthly Market Insights Newsletters

The goal of the monthly market insights newsletter is to provide a broad understanding of the current international healthcare market. Each newsletter provides recent updates on shifting international market dynamics, with a focus on new global collaborations, international travel trends, political and economic developments in key countries, international insurance news, developments in cross-border telemedicine and remote second opinions, and more.

Interactive Online Maps

The international collaborations map, which is updated on a monthly basis, is an interactive representation of known international healthcare collaborations. This project enables Premium members to better understand current players in markets of interest. The international accreditations map is created using publicly available data gathered by the USCIPP BI team and shows the locations of accredited organizations from Accreditation Canada, JCI, the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International, and the World Directory of Medical Schools.

Ad Hoc Original Research 

USCIPP also conducts research projects on an ad hoc basis at the directive of its Premium members. These may be custom reports that draw data from disparate sources to independent research initiatives involving operational data collection and analysis. Some recent examples of the resultant reports from this type of work are below.

• Analysis of Benchmarking Data Requested by a Pediatric Hospital (September 2017)
• Mini-Analysis of India (September 2017)
• Longitudinal Inbound International Patient Analysis: Mexico, South America, and Central America & the Caribbean Region (September 2017)
• Global Competitor Analysis: United Kingdom (October 2017)
• Self-pay Analysis (December 2017)
• Emerging Markets and International Collaborations (March 2018)
• Longitudinal Analysis of Small and New Programs Reporting Both Volumes and Revenues (Charges) in the USCIPP Annual Benchmarking Survey & China Subanalysis (March 2018)
• Benchmarking International Program/Department Structures (September 2018)
• Latin America Insurance Market Snapshot (September 2018)
• Domestic Care Coordination (July 2019)

Benchmarking and International Market Analytics Dashboards

The self-service Qlik Sense dashboards are the result of member feedback and requests for interactive applications that house data from USCIPP’s annual benchmarking survey and provide members with tools that allow for comparative international market analytics. The USCIPP team is continuously updating the applications’ functionality as well as the underlying data. Some screenshots are included below. Note that the benchmarking apps in the following images contain dummy patient volume and international collaborations data and are for demonstrative purposes only. 


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