A USCIPP-sponsored program to connect physicians, hospitals, and patients across the globe to healthcare in the US.

ChooseUSHealth is the initiative that works to put USCIPP members at the forefront of the minds of international patients. ChooseUSHealth connects potential international patients—and/or partnerships between hospitals—to healthcare in the US.

The benefits of ChooseUSHealth are unparalleled:

  • USCIPP uses the ChooseUSHealth brand abroad to promote member hospitals at trade events, to ministries of health, and to other foreign organizations
  • International patients can learn about the benefits of US healthcare with ChooseUSHealth materials, such as our website
  • A detailed directory of all USCIPP members is featured on the ChooseUSHealth website and within our comprehensive brochure
  • The website includes functionality for potential patients to connect with the institution of their choice directly and easily
  • ChooseUSHealth seeks to foster collaboration between USCIPP members and international physicians and institutions to promote improved global healthcare

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